Mathematical Biology in Microbiota Research- Future Food Utrecht Conversation Series lecture


The FFU Conversation Series are short lectures where guest lecturers or researchers can present their ideas about a topical food issue or present their recent research to the FFU community.

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Vacancy: Postdoctoral Researcher Mechanisms Underlying the Plant-microbiome Interaction


The University of Amsterdam is looking for a postdoctoral researcher to study the mechanisms underlying plant-microbe interactions

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Virtual Conference: Harnessing the Plant Microbiome


October 22-24, 2021

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Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment


Review on multi-omics data integration methods to unravel signalling relationships.

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Metabolic interactions in beneficial microbe recruitment by plants


Review on metabolic interactions and beneficial microbe recruitment, published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.

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First MiCRop Annual Meeting


More than 70 participants discussed the progress, challenges and possibilities in two online sessions

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The Chemistry of Stress: Understanding the ‘Cry for Help’ of Plant Roots


Review on stress responses in plants, published in Metabolites

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How fungi helped plants to get on land


The importance of the relationship and trade between plants and fungi

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What is going on in the MiCRop greenhouses and labs?


An impression from the on-going work.

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Articles about plant health and about the symbiosis of fungi and plants


Articles featuring, among others, MiCRop PIs Corné Pieterse and Toby Kiers in Bionieuws

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Metabolites Special Issue


Invitation to submit to Metabolites Special Issue “Integration of Metabolomics with Other Omics Technologies to Investigate Metabolism and Signaling in Plants”

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Toby Kiers awarded Vici grant


Toby Kiers awarded Vici grant for research on fungal networks

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Designing a home for beneficial plant microbiomes


Review article published as result of collaborative effort between MiCRop and colleague researchers from China Agricultural University.

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Rumyana Karlova


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Rumyana Karlova, assistant professor at Wageningen University!

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Latest reads: publications Jan/Feb 2021


Find and read the latest publications in scientific journals and their abstracts by consortium members.

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Bugs, food, art, and sustainability


Interview with Marcel Dicke on

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9 open PhD fellowships within ARISTO


PhD positions in the field of soil microbial toxicity of pesticides

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Happy holidays & a joyous 2021!


We wish you wonderful days

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Vacancy: Assistant Professor Microbial Metagenomics & Systems Biology


The University of Amsterdam is looking for a new assistant professor Microbial Metagenomics and Systems Biology

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Vacancy: Assistant Professor Ecology and Evolution of Plant-Microbe Interactions


This vacancy is one of two tenure-track positions that the Department of Ecological Sciences (VU Amsterdam) is currently offering.

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Giannis Stringlis


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Giannis Stringlis, postdoctoral researcher Utrecht University!

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Internal (online) kick-off


The internal kick-off meeting took place online on Friday, 20 November 2020.

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Academy Ecology Fund for ecological fieldwork and research


Call for applications by KNAW

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Potato greenhouse experiments in Ecuador


Experiments in Ecuador are in full process

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All about plant science on Dutch TV tonight!


Tonight is all about plant science on TV: science programme Zembla features among others Harro Bouwmeester representing MiCRop, and in 'Grote Vragen', you can follow Christa Testerink and her research. Watch it live on NPO 2 or afterwards online.

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Karen Kloth


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Karen Kloth, postdoc at Wageningen University!

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Amsterdam Microbiome Initiative


The Amsterdam Microbiome Initiative in the spotlight at BioNieuws. This initiative is looking for the common role(s) of microorganisms in microbial communities, independant of their location.

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Vacancy: (Joint) postdoctoral researcher for plant-microbiome interactions (data analysis)


Would you like to contribute to the data analysis component in close collaboration with the biologists on MiCRop?

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Vacancy: Joint Postdoctoral Fellowship at Utrecht University & Wageningen University


Your opportunity to work on the MiCRop project on bioinformatic analysis of metabolic interactions in the rhizosphere.

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Kickoff meeting of Wageningen MiCRop team


Three new PhD students and a postdoc started their work at the Wageningen research team

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Field sampling in the Andes (Ecuador)


PhD student Dario Ramirez and MICROP collaborator Dr. Antonio Leon from the University of Quito are sampling soil from agricultural potato fields and native soils in the Andes mountains

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Bionieuws: €40 million for plants and brains


De overheid investeert 40 miljoen euro in twee innovatieve biologische onderzoeksprogramma’s naar wortelmicrobiomen van planten en hersenaandoeningen.

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Trouw: Financiële injectie voor toponderzoekers


Zes groepen topwetenschappers van verschillende Nederlandse universiteiten krijgen in total 113,8 miljoen euro voor hun onderzoeksprogramma.

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Twenty million euros for the next generation of sustainable crops


Six consortia of top researchers are being awarded a total of 113.8 million euros to conduct groundbreaking scientific research programmes in the coming years, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) has announced.

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