5th Plant Microbiome Symposium proceeded with great excellence


Over 200 researchers from all over the world gathered last week at the Royal Tropical Institure (KIT) in Amsterdam to attend the 5th Plant Microbiome Symposium, organised by MiCRop. The symposium provided excellent opportunities to share knowledge through

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MiCRop Phase II Approved by Dutch Ministry!


The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (ECS) in The Hague has approved the continuation of a second term for MiCRop, and with that, the continued financing of our project for the coming five years. This was stated in an official letter from

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MiCRop VR incredibly popular among kids at Expeditie Next


The Virtual Reality-application of MiCRop was exhibited today at the Expeditie NEXT Science Fair in Zutphen to resounding success! While the VR-game is still in development by MiCRop and the visualisation lab, it was still considered extremely popular amo

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Toby Kiers talks fungi in interview with We Are the ReGeneration


"Farmers of the future will work together with their fungi", such is the title of an interview with Toby Kiers published by We Are the ReGeneration last month. In her interview, Toby delves into the rising scientific interest in fungi, the changing public

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Hilde Herrema to present Holomicrobiome Initiative at NCOH 30th May!


Dr. Hilde Herrema will be giving a talk about the Holomicrobiome at the NCOH Annual Meeting on Thursday 30th of May at Amsterdam UMC, location AMC. The full title of her talk will be "The Holomicrobiome Initiative; tapping into the potential of the microb

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Save the date! 18 April, 2024: Vintage Innovation - Bacteriophage webinar


Antimicrobial resistance (AMR) poses a significant global health threat, leading to increased morbidity, mortality, and healthcare costs. Addressing AMR requires a multifaceted approach that considers human, animal, and environmental health – known as the

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bacLIFE: How AI distinguishes the good from the bad and the ugly


A study published in Nature last month described how researchers used machine learning to predict the "lifestyle" of certain microorganisms (meaning whether they are beneficial or harmful to their host plants). For this, the researchers created an algorit

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High school students in North-Holland first explorers of virtual microbiome


Students that attended the Bètapartners Conference at the Bertrand Russell College in Krommenie were the first today to try out a beta-version of the VR application developed by MiCRop. The VR application is a game which aims to introduce the young player

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Dutch cabinet allocates €200 million to Holomicrobiome


The Dutch cabinet has allocated €200 million from the National Growth Fund to the Holomicrobiome initiative. This was announced today on the website of Holomicrobiome. The funds will serve to stimulate research into the microbiome and the economically int

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Symposium in honor of the 175th birthday of Hugo de Vries


The Hugo de Vries Prize 2022 was awarded to Eline Ampt for her outstanding thesis on the relationship between biodiversity and plant diseases in natural ecosystems

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Genetic Mapping of the Root Mycobiota in Rice and its Role in Drought Tolerance


New publication on genetic factors involved in rice-microbe interaction and their relevance in drought tolerance

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Spinoza prize for Toby Kiers


Toby Kiers and three other researchers have been awarded with the highest awards in Dutch scientific community

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Searching for the invisible life on Galápagos Islands


Expedition to the Galápagos Islands to uncover invisible life and its relationship with the local flora

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New Science publication: Maize resistance to witchweed through changes in strigolactone biosynthesis


MiCRop researchers Harro Bouwmeester, Lemeng Dong, Chengsheng Li, Marnix Medema and a team of international collaborators have identifed a maize line that is resistant to Striga

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Giannis Stringlis appointed Assistant Professor


Giannis starts his new position at the Agricultural University of Athens

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Marnix Medema appointed professor


He now holds a personal chair in Bioinformatics at Wageningen University

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New outreach colleague has started her work at MiCRop


Sanne will strengthen the team with her communications and marketing experience

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Science: Rewilding plant microbiomes


Perspectives article in Science by Jos Raaijmakers & Toby Kiers

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Webinar Imaging life on a nano-scale


Webinar on NanoSIMS in Life and Medical Sciences on 14 November

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MiCRop Day in Amsterdam


Unconcious Bias & Teambuilding

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Lecture about entangled life and the hidden world of fungi


Anniversary lecture at Spui25 in Amsterdam on 14 November

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Netherlands Plant Eco-phenotyping Centre officially opened


The joint initiative of Wageningen University & Research and Utrecht University has officially opened

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Dutch Science Weekend - Meet MiCRop in Amsterdam


Saturday, 1 October 2022, it's Open Day at many places in the Netherlands: Come meet MiCRop at Science Park 904 in Amsterdam!

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Two new MiCRop postdocs are starting their work


We are happy to welcome Jié Hu and Rahul Jain!

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Metabolomics & the Microbiome First Edition


Meeting on 22 Sep 2022 at DSM in Delft

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Unearthing the Secret Superpowers of Fungus


Fantastic article about the importance of fungal networks in the New York Times

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Sampling fungal networks in green roofs


Article in Trouw about sampling fungal networks on bus stops in Utrecht

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MiCRop delegation at miCROPe conference in Vienna


A team of MiCRop researchers at the international miCROPe conference

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SPUN on Science cover


The Society for the Protection of Underground Networks (SPUN), a new fungus-focused non-profit with its ambitious effort to map the global distribution of mycorrhizal fungi

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New publication: Disentangling the genetic basis of rhizosphere microbiome assembly in tomato


A new publication in Nature Communications, partly funded by MiCRop, by the groups of Jos Raaijmakers and Marnix Medema.

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Marnix Medema awarded with Vidi grant


Marnix Medema awarded Vidi grant for his work to develop integrative-omics-based methods to computationally identify plant biosynthetic pathways and link them to their metabolic products, to provide new insights into pathway evolution.

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Copenhagen Bioscience Conference: Plant-microbe Interactions


Conference on plant-microbe interactions on 13-17 November 2022 in Copenhagen. Call for abstracts is open!

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MiCRop Annual Meeting 2022


Two days of exciting science, inspiring talks and lots of discussions in Amsterdam

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Spinoza prize for Corné Pieterse


Corné Pieterse has been awarded with the highest prize in Dutch academia

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Genotype to Phenotype: Bridging Comparative Genomics and Cell Biology


Workshop bringing together computational, cell, and evolutionary biologists

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MiCRop Annual Meeting on 23-24 June 2022 in Amsterdam!


We are happy to announce our first live MiCRop Annual Meeting

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International Symposium miCROPe, July 11-14, 2022, Vienna, Austria



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GRC Salt and Water Stress in Plants May 22 - 27, 2022


Gordon Research Conference: Interfaces with Soil and Microbes

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MiCRop PI Toby Kiers in the media with her new SPUN initiative


SPUN is a non-profit, science-based initiative founded to map fungal networks and advocate for their protection.

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Mathematical Biology in Microbiota Research- Future Food Utrecht Conversation Series lecture


The FFU Conversation Series are short lectures where guest lecturers or researchers can present their ideas about a topical food issue or present their recent research to the FFU community.

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Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment


Review on multi-omics data integration methods to unravel signalling relationships.

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Metabolic interactions in beneficial microbe recruitment by plants


Review on metabolic interactions and beneficial microbe recruitment, published in Current Opinion in Biotechnology.

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First MiCRop Annual Meeting


More than 70 participants discussed the progress, challenges and possibilities in two online sessions

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The Chemistry of Stress: Understanding the ‘Cry for Help’ of Plant Roots


Review on stress responses in plants, published in Metabolites

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How fungi helped plants to get on land


The importance of the relationship and trade between plants and fungi

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What is going on in the MiCRop greenhouses and labs?


An impression from the on-going work.

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Articles about plant health and about the symbiosis of fungi and plants


Articles featuring, among others, MiCRop PIs Corné Pieterse and Toby Kiers in Bionieuws

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Metabolites Special Issue


Invitation to submit to Metabolites Special Issue “Integration of Metabolomics with Other Omics Technologies to Investigate Metabolism and Signaling in Plants”

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Toby Kiers awarded Vici grant


Toby Kiers awarded Vici grant for research on fungal networks

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Designing a home for beneficial plant microbiomes


Review article published as result of collaborative effort between MiCRop and colleague researchers from China Agricultural University.

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Rumyana Karlova


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Rumyana Karlova, assistant professor at Wageningen University!

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Latest reads: publications Jan/Feb 2021


Find and read the latest publications in scientific journals and their abstracts by consortium members.

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Bugs, food, art, and sustainability


Interview with Marcel Dicke on

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9 open PhD fellowships within ARISTO


PhD positions in the field of soil microbial toxicity of pesticides

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Happy holidays & a joyous 2021!


We wish you wonderful days

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Giannis Stringlis


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Giannis Stringlis, postdoctoral researcher Utrecht University!

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Internal (online) kick-off


The internal kick-off meeting took place online on Friday, 20 November 2020.

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Potato greenhouse experiments in Ecuador


Experiments in Ecuador are in full process

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All about plant science on Dutch TV tonight!


Tonight is all about plant science on TV: science programme Zembla features among others Harro Bouwmeester representing MiCRop, and in 'Grote Vragen', you can follow Christa Testerink and her research. Watch it live on NPO 2 or afterwards online.

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People behind MiCRop: interview with Karen Kloth


In this series, we interview the researchers that are driving MiCRop. Meet Karen Kloth, postdoc at Wageningen University!

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Amsterdam Microbiome Initiative


The Amsterdam Microbiome Initiative in the spotlight at BioNieuws. This initiative is looking for the common role(s) of microorganisms in microbial communities, independant of their location.

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Kickoff meeting of Wageningen MiCRop team


Three new PhD students and a postdoc started their work at the Wageningen research team

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Bionieuws: €40 million for plants and brains


De overheid investeert 40 miljoen euro in twee innovatieve biologische onderzoeksprogramma’s naar wortelmicrobiomen van planten en hersenaandoeningen.

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Trouw: Financiële injectie voor toponderzoekers


Zes groepen topwetenschappers van verschillende Nederlandse universiteiten krijgen in total 113,8 miljoen euro voor hun onderzoeksprogramma.

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Twenty million euros for the next generation of sustainable crops


Six consortia of top researchers are being awarded a total of 113.8 million euros to conduct groundbreaking scientific research programmes in the coming years, the Dutch Research Council (NWO) has announced.

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