Two new MiCRop postdocs are starting their work


We are happy to welcome Jié Hu and Rahul Jain as postdocs to the MiCRop team!

Jié will start working on 1 October at the Microbial Ecology department at NIOO-KNAW. She will work on determining the impact of plant domestication on the taxonomic and functional diversification of the root microbiome, especially identifying ‘missing’ plant microbes, their genomes and biosynthetic genes. Jié brings a lot of experience regarding microbiome analyses, functional/experimental validation, design of syncoms, and more.

Rahul Jain joined the Plant Hormone Biology Group at UvA at the beginning of September. He will be looking for stress responsive chemical signals/metabolites secreted in the root exudates leading to recruitment of specific group of bacteria in the rhizosphere. Rahul has a background in microbiology with experience in isolation and assaying growth promoting effects, and in plant molecular biology.

We are looking forward to working together!