Courses: Eco-metabolomics


This PhD course will take place at UvA and is co-organised with the Netherlands Metabolomics Centre (NMC), the Netherlands Graduate School Experimental Plant Sciences (EPS), NWO-Gravity programme MICROP and will be offered to (inter)national PhD students, postdocs and other interested scientists. The maximum number of participants will be 25.


The ecological understanding of natural products that mediate interactions within and between organisms can be considered as the core of the discipline chemical ecology. The emerging technique of metabolomics provides new opportunities to study such environmentally relevant signalling molecules, and advances our understanding of chemical communication between organisms. This course will cover both methodological and biological aspects. This course will introduce the basic knowledge of mass spectrometry based metabolomics as well as special types of metabolomics such as volatile, gut and rhizosphere metabolomics. The course will be given by experts from the field of chemical ecology and metabolomics, and will discuss progress in metabolomics and its application in chemical ecology. The course will cover emerging technologies and new metabolomics data analysis and data integration tools and will include hands on sample preparation, MS analysis and data analysis workshops. After this course, the PhD students/participants understand the basic principles of metabolomics, which instrument to choose for answering their research question, and know how to process their own metabolomics data and make publishable figures.

Course organizers

Lemeng Dong, Rob Schuurink, Gertjan Kramer, Frans van der Kloet, Age Smilde, Johan Westerhuis, Benjamin Thiombiano, Harro Bouwmeester