(Skills) Trainings & Discussion Groups

MiCRop and its members organise a variety of trainings and discussions on different topics:

Regular trainings & discussion groups

Scientific Meetings: The whole MiCRop consortium comes together every two months to discuss relevant topics, procedures, protocols and plans. Chaired by tenure trackers and postdocs of the consortium. These meetings are currently held online, but will alternate between online and on-location in the near future.

Data Analysis discussions: To discuss and answer questions related to data analysis, the data analysis team hosts a meeting every four weeks (online). Depending on the wishes from the researchers, there are also topic-specific meetings organised. Organized by Chrats Melkonian, Fentaw Abegaz, Age Smilde.

PhD Student meeting: To update each other, discuss and give feedback, the MiCRop PhD students come together every four weeks. These meetings are hosted by a different PhD student every meeting. Takes place online and offline.

Journal Clubs: Individual journal clubs organised by the different MiCRop partners. Contact persons are Sébastian Jupitre (UvA), Justin Stewart (VU), Zulema Carracedo Lorenzo (WUR) and Giannis Stringlis (UU).

Solanaceae discussion group: Regular subgroup meeting to discuss and evaluate strategies and approaches regarding Solanaceae.


Past trainings & discussion groups

Series of workshops primarily related to RNAseq, metabolomics and metagenomics/metabarcoding, organized by Lemeng Dong in spring – summer 2021. These workshops might be picked up again in the future. Below you can find an overview of the topics that were covered.

Data Teacher Title
12th Feb 2021 Lemeng Dong (UvA) Kick-off workshops
26th Feb 2021 Justin D. Stewart (VU) Marker Gene Sequencing 16s rRNA Analysis
Hands on QIIME2 pipeline
12th March 2021 Justin D. Stewart (VU) QIIME2 experience
9th April 2021 Kristyna Flokova (UvA) Principles of plant hormone analysis
23rd April 2021 Bora Kim (UvA) Multivariate analysis and feature selection
7th May 2021 Lemeng Dong (UvA)
Benjamin Thiombiano (UvA)
Data extraction and data preprocessing of metabolomics data
Hands on XC-MS pipeline
21st May 2021 Chrats Melkonian (UU) Metagenomics data analysis
4th June 2021 Fred White (UvA) RNAseq data analysis