MiCRop Phase II Approved by Dutch Ministry!


The Dutch Ministry of Education, Culture, and Science (ECS) in The Hague has approved the continuation of a second term for MiCRop, and with that, the continued financing of our project for the coming five years. This was stated in an official letter from the Minister of ECS, Robbert Dijkgraaf, to the University of Amsterdam, signed on 3 May 2024.

The evaluation further stated that all projects are steadily progressing, they have a leading scientific postition in their own fields (partially because of the Gravitation funding), and they attract significant national and international scientific talent. An additional compliment was made for the very strong senior researchers involved, whose expertise forms the backbone of the research programs and in turn attract new, talented and often younger researchers.

The MiCRop management team extends their far-reaching congratulations to all MiCRop researchers and we are looking forward to another exciting five years with all of you!