MiCRop welcomes New Support and Outreach Colleague with Ecological Expertise


Julian Voet has joined the MiCRop team as Operational Support and Outreach Officer at MiCRop this month. In terms of outreach, he will mainly occupy himself with keeping the website tidy and up to date, and publishing news articles about the latest MiCRop research. Furthermore, as part of the MiCRop management team, he will play a supporting role in keeping everything at MiCRop running smoothly.


Julian studied ecology at the University of Groningen and is a passionate botanist. Next to that, he has a keen interest in science communication - which is apparent from his own communication project “Julz Down Under”, where he made educational videos about fire ecology while doing his master’s project in Australia. Julian is looking forward to meeting you all and getting up to date with everyone’s work, and he warmly invites you to connect with him on LinkedIn !