All about plant science on Dutch TV tonight!


Plant research from the comfort of your own house - MiCRop and other exciting research comes to you!

Tonight, 22 October 2020, Dutch TV channel NPO 2 is all about plants, the soil they grow in and how they communicate and deal with stress.

Science programme ZEMBLA takes you into the soil and how communication in the ground works. Harro Bouwmeester represents MiCRop and tells you more about the research that is currently going on.

"Grote Vragen" (great questions) features Christa Testerink and her work on about how plants develop in difficult environments, such as drought or salinity conditions. You can also find more background information here.
"Grote vragen" follows Dutch researchers from different fields in 8 episodes, explains their work and what drives them.


Did you miss it? You can still watch both programmes online!

Zembla: Communicatie in de bodem

Grote Vragen met Christa Testerink