Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment


We are happy to have published a review on the use of omics data to unravel plant microbiome recruitment.

Read the review here!


The plant microbiome plays an essential role in supporting plant growth and health, but plant molecular mechanisms underlying its recruitment are still unclear. Multi-omics data integration methods can be used to unravel new signalling relationships. Here, we review the effects of plant genetics and root exudates on root microbiome recruitment, and discuss methodological advances in data integration approaches that can help us to better understand and optimise the crop–microbiome interaction for a more sustainable agriculture.

Zancarini, Westerhuis, Smilde, Bouwmeester: Integration of omics data to unravel root microbiome recruitment. Current Opinion in Biotechnology, 2021, Volume 70, Pages 255–261.