Designing a home for beneficial plant microbiomes


Recently, a great joint effort between MiCRop PI Jos Raaijmakers and collaboration partners Chunxu Song and Kemo Jin from China Agricultural University was published. The review article "Designing a home for beneficial plant microbiomes" was published in Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2021 62:1-10.

Read the review here.

Abstract: The plant microbiome comprises a highly diverse community of saprotrophic, mutualistic, and pathogenic microbes that can affect plant growth and plant health. There is substantial interest to exploit beneficial members of plant microbiomes for new sustainable management strategies in crop production.However, poor survival and colonization of plant tissues by introduced microbial isolates as well as lack of expression of the plant growth-promoting or disease-suppressive traits at the right time and place are still major limitations for successful implementation of microbiomes in future agricultural practices and plant breeding programs. Similar to building a home for humans, we discuss different strategies of building a home for beneficial plant microbiomes, here referred to as the ‘MicrobiHome’.

Song, Jin & Raaijmakers, Current Opinion in Plant Biology 2021, 62:1–10