Postdoctoral Researcher Mechanisms Underlying the Plant-microbiome Interaction (vacancy closed)


The University of Amsterdam is seeking a postdoc candidate to investigate the mechanisms underlying the role of signaling in stress-induced changes in plant root microbiome recruitment and the stress-protective effect this change causes. From the data generated in MiCRop you will distill interesting effects, particularly in relation to phosphate shortage and/or biotic stress and investigate the mechanism underlying these effects. Examples of possible research directions are the role of biosynthetic enzymes, transcription factors, transporters and receptors in the interaction, through signaling, of the plant and their microbiome; you will use a range of approaches, such as, but not necessarily limited to, omics data analysis, bioinformatics, gene cloning and (heterologous) protein characterization, mutants, transgenics, analytical chemistry and microbiome analyses.

This vacancy has been closed.