Microbial recruitment by tomato and potato roots under nutrient deficiency

Melissa Uribe Acosta



Davar Abedini, MSc

PhD student at: University of Amsterdam (UvA), Swammerdam Institute for Life Sciences (SILS), Plant Hormone Biology group

Supervisor: prof. H.J. Bouwmeester (SILS, UvA), supervisor: dr. L. Dong (SILS, UvA).

Overall aim: My project aims to unravel potato-microbes-PCNs chemical communications. As a PhD student at the MiCRop consortium, I am investigating the microbial recruitment by tomato/potato root under nitrogen deficiency. For this, I am using multiomics technology coupled with advanced analytical chemistry and molecular biology tools to uncover the signalling molecules and their corresponding genes.

Key Objectives & Expected Results


  • To explore bacterial and fungi compositions in potato and tomato roots under nitrogen defiecency
  • To identify signalling molecues mediating the plant-microbe interactions 
  • To decipher biosynthetic genes involved in the biosynthesis of the signaling molecules

Expected Results:

  • Identification of the beneficial microbes that alleviate nitrogen starvation effects
  • Characterization of the biosynthetic genes and subsequently silencing them to evaluate the potential impacts on the root microbiota changes
  • Elucidation of the mechanisms involved in the interaction between the plant root and microbiota in controlled ways