Deciphering the impact of domestication on the tomato root microbiome

Stalin Sarango-Flores, MSc

PhD student at: 
Leiden University

Prof Dr. Jos M. Raaijmakers

Overall aim:
To study the impact of the tomato domestication on the beneficial microbe-plant association.

Key Objectives & Expected Results


  • To identify the microbial community composition in the rhizosphere of tomato both in native (Ecuador) and agricultural soil (The Netherlands).
  • To identify the genetic features between wild and modern tomato genotypes and their associated microbiome.
  • To determine the effect of root microbiome on tomato under biotic and abiotic stresses.

Expected Results:

  • Characterization of the wild tomato microbiome in native habitats and the “missing” microbes detected by comparison between native and modern soil.
  • Plant features related to microbial association identified by QTL analysis.
  • The native microbiome protects plants against biotic and abiotic stresses.