3rd Plant Microbiome Symposium 24-26 May, 2022


3rd Plant Microbiome Symposium 24-26 May 2022 Dundee, Scotland, UK

The Plant Microbiome Symposium welcomes academics, professionals and stakeholders to Dundee (UK), to discuss recent scientific achievements in the field and lay the foundations for future collaborative efforts. This meeting builds on the success of the previous symposia to discuss advances in microbial ecology, plant-microbe interactions, molecular biology, chemistry and bioinformatics. It will be run over six sessions, with keynote and offered presentations covering research topics including plant microbiome assembly and microbiome communication, microbiome-associated plant phenotypes, technological advances and translational application.

The meeting will be relatively small with a maximum of around 200 participants, allowing ample time for in-depth discussions and networking. Alongside leading speakers, we encourage participation of students and early career researchers who will drive the scientific advances in this sector.

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